Wrung Out

A DS Tom Guthrie Short Story Scottish Detective Sergeant Tom Guthrie gets results the old-fashioned way. He’s not one for being politically correct and doesn’t like the direction the force is taking. Jock Bishop is attacked after walking his girlfriend home from a night out. He dies from the beating in the early hours of the morning. His girlfriend is the ex of a local thug. Is there a connection?

Murder in the Sma’ Glen

A Tom Guthrie Short Story Tom Guthrie has retired from Tayside Police in eastern Scotland. While spending a weekend at an isolated hotel in the Sma’ Glen he is suddenly plunged into the middle of a mysterious death. Used to leading the investigation can he just sit back and watch? Murder in the Sma’ Glen is the second of two short story prequels leading to the publication of the first

Tools of the Trade cover

Tools of the Trade

Tom Guthrie Trilogy Tom Guthrie has recently retired from Tayside Police. He found life after the force difficult to deal with, so he started a private investigation company and is now consulting to the newly formed Police Scotland. The amalgamation of the old regional forces has left Police Scotland short of resources in Serious Crimes. When the body of Bobby Gant, head of research and development for a local outdoor