Submissions – old

We are very selective and only work with authors and their stories that we think truly fit into our family.

If you are chosen to be part of the Noir Café Press family, we provide you with a publishing channel. We help with editing and cover design, we supply you with a Noir Café Press ISBN, barcodes, etc., and work to get your book into the hands of the right distributors, so you have global coverage using the best format (eBook, paperback) for each country. We also work for global rights and rights licensing, should you wish to pursue those options. We help market your book using digital channels and social media, and provide you a way to escape “going narrow” through a single outlet (like Amazon). Of course, we include Amazon in our distribution model – we would be foolish not to – but we help you avoid the mistake of thinking they’re the only outlet for your work.

The biggest questions you should ask yourself are, “Who controls my creative decisions, who owns the rights to my book, and how do I get paid?” The answer to these is, “You, you, and easily.”

Noir Café Press was created because its founder saw a need to help like-minded, independent authors navigate all of the obstacles they face on the way to publishing and selling their books. Most independent authors are creators, and are writing in their spare time. It’s a passion. But what they don’t have time to do is work out what the best distribution outlets are, or have a few hundred dollars lying around for cover design, editing services, or ISBNs. We’re transparent and promise to keep you informed of everything we do. We guide you through all the steps to get your book to market. We are your publisher, but claim no rights to your work. Want to pull your book from Noir Café Press? No problem. We pay you regularly, based on sales volume, either monthly or quarterly.

What’s in it for Noir Café Press?

Well, just as you gain from being published by an independent publisher – giving you credibility beyond self-publishing, saving money on some services we provide compared to sourcing them yourself – we gain from having more authors and titles as part of Noir Café Press. Yes, we will take a commission on book sales/royalties (hybrid publishers are much higher than traditional), but that’s all. We ask for nothing up-front for anything we do. Heck, we even pay you a small advance.

So, what are you waiting for? click on the Contact page to submit your query letter and the first two chapters of your manuscript.